アバンギャルド自叙伝:「山本耀司- MY DEAR BOMB」


photo by Ludion

photo by Ludion

“Yohji Yamamoto - My Dear Bomb” will be the first ever published biography of the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. Based in Tokyo and Paris, Yohji Yamamoto is best known internationally for his avant-garde clothing lines and redefining fashion since his Paris runway debut in 1981. Together with colleagues such as Rei Kawakubo (Comme des Garçons) and Issey Miyake (ISSEY MIYAKE), there is no doubt that Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most influential designers of the twentieth century.

According to the press release from Ludion, “this will be an unique opportunity to discover his philosophy as a man as well as a fashion designer.” Yohji Yamamoto abandons the chronological format of most autobiographies and begins with a series of short fictions interwoven with his memories and inspirations, followed by a philosophical essay discussing the “Japanese elements in Yohji Yamamoto.” The book’s total of 200 pages will be filled with 100 of Yohji Yamamoto’s illustrations and hand drawings. After being mesmerized by all of this, the book closes with a timeline of his life including photos never seen before.

Published in English, Japanese, French, and Chinese. Available December 2010.

ハイファッションブランド「Yohji Yamamoto」「Y’s」を立ち上げ、Adidas (Y3)Hermèsなどとコラボもしてきたデザイナー、山本耀司。1981年のパリデビュー以来、世界のファッションに深い印象を与え続けてきたこの彼が、初自叙伝「山本耀司- MY DEAR BOMB」を2011年12月に発売予定。

ベルギーの出版社Ludionによると、「山本耀司- MY DEAR BOMB」のポイントはタイムライン形式の自叙伝だけでわないとこ。山本耀司さんの思い出やインスピレーションも込めてあるフィクションシリーズから始まり、「山本耀司にある日本のエレメント」と彼の哲学を語るエッセイに続く。その他、オリジナルな絵やイラストが100かかれている。最後に今までの人生と歴史のアウトライン、写真付きで閉まります。

山本耀司の独特なカリスマ性、アバンギャルドな精神、そして生きてきた道に興味ある方は CHECK IT OUT。

Written by Yohji Yamaoto & Ai Mitsuda
15 x 22cm
200 pages
100 illustrations
October 2010

ISBN 978-90-5544-979-8 EN
ISBN 978-90-5544-983-5 FR

Source: Ludion

Yohji Yamamoto’s Website

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