原宿と高円寺にショップがあるストリートファッションブランドDOG in香港。
香港のWTC MoreショッピングモールでDOGのファッションショーとポップアップ・ストアを12/9公開。上のビデオはイベントとDOGを香港の人達へ紹介する為に作られたもの。えんじょい!


The WTC More shopping mall in Hong Kong hosted a fashion show and pop-up store exclusively featuring the eccentric fashion of Dog Harajuku this past Thursday. These videos promoting the event in Hong Kong introduces Dog and will give you a glimpse of what their store and fashion looks like. Video is mostly in Chinese, hosted by my friend Ivan Wang. But wait! There’s a commentary by American fashion designer Jeremy Scott in the middle. (In English ofcourse)

Dog is a Japanese street fashion brand that has lead the underground fashion scene in Tokyo throughout the decade and consistently remains a staple store to the kids who live by the sub-culture.  Their shop is hidden away in a basement on Harajuku Street selling a variety of vintage and reworked items. They also own another located called Secret Dog in the Kita-Kore building in Koenji. Dog owner Satake Kai and designer Takuma Fuji create the pieces themselves, often incorporating an industrial punk flair. Expect to see a lot of metal plates, studs, spikes, and other bling of the sorts. Sometime within the past few years, even Lady Gaga has fallen victim of the Dog fashion and visits the store to get her fix when she’s in Japan. We respect Gaga, but who in the underground cares what celebrities think, right? Made with Japan guarantees you their high level of street creds. Owner and designer of Nincompoop Capacity, another popular street fashion brand likewise with shops in Harajuku and Koenji, expressed respect for Dog by mentioning their continuing popularity with the young kids in their interview with us HERE.

Jingumae 3-23-3 B1, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03 3746 8110

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4 Responses to “DOG HARAJUKU:

  1. Julian Northup says:

    Ha Ha, I love Lady Gaga!. That woman is Nuts!

  2. I love it. Dog has always been so innovative, especially amongst the underground scene. Its nice to see them reach out to having a secret store in the Kitakore in Koenji as Harajuku culture becomes more mainstream and a hub for “fast fashion.”

  3. admin says:

    Nuts she may be. She does have a nice sense of style.

  4. admin says:

    I agree that Harajuku isn’t the same as it was even 10 years ago and a lot of the raw underground fashion has moved out. Koenji has quickly become a major hub for this kind of stuff now.

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