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Thursday, March 10th, 2011

tsumori chisato 2011 autumn winter in paris
Photos: Alessandro Garofalo /

Tsumori Chisato’s sense of fun and bohemian cuteness in fashion never fails to dazzle the runway. Her 2011 A/W collection made use of an array of colors and patterns from the tunic dresses, knitted leotards, and culottes which appeal to a wide audience of different age groups.

You can see the full Tsumori Chisato 2011 A/W Collection with video on her website.

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Yanagawa Arashi John Lawrence Sullivan Spring Summer 2011 Men Debut in Paris Made with JapanLookbook by John Lawrence Sullivan

Arashi Yanagawa, the designer behind John Lawrence Sullivan is not your typical designer. Following in his father’s footsteps, Arashi Yanagawa spent thirteen years in professional boxing before making way into the fashion world. As a reference to his first career, the brand name comes from a pro boxing legend John Lawrence Sullivan (October 15, 1858 – February 2, 1918), the first heavyweight champion in the history of boxing from 1881 to 1892.

The brand’s beginning was humble, starting out in 2003 with Arashi Yanagawa using his fight money to release his first collection of two blazers. Gaining popularity with his Men’s and Women’s lines, John Lawrence Sullivan appeared on the runway for the first time in 2007 at the Tokyo fashion week which was then followed by a flagship store in Nakameguro Tokyo.

Sleek silhouettes and fine tailoring using refined fabrics, is one obvious way to describe the qualities of John Lawrence Sullivan’s collections, but there is no doubt that the designer’s strong will and enthusiasm towards fashion adds a whole new dimension to the designs. Dazed Digital asked what his career change was like and if boxing still influences him:

“I never went to fashion school, it was very hard at the beginning but my friends understood my enthusiasm in fashion and supported me, so I’ve learnt by them so many things.”

“It’s natural that I am influenced by boxing”, “because I practiced boxing for so many years. The most important and biggest influence is the spirit to keep challenging myself.” - Arashi Yanagawa

Arashi Yanagawa is already a huge inspiration to many young fashion designers in Japan getting ready to break ground to a new era of  Japanese fashion. His existence is especially encouraging to the new generation of Japanese designers who like him do not have formal degrees in fashion design.

With their 2010-11 F/W collection, John Lawrence Sullivan bid farewell to Tokyo to set ground in Paris. They made their runway debut with F/W 2011 Men’s collection at the Paris Fashion Week.

For more information on their full collection, please visit the official John Lawrence Sullivan website at

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Monday, March 7th, 2011


Photo: Monica Feudi /

Some of the highlights from Yohji Yamamoto’s 2011 A/W collection were the flower and feather prints on black mesh, sheer woven tops, red coats, and hoop skirts. The visible cage under the skirts added a unique flavor to the overall punk theme styled with Dr. Martens and colorful cotton candy hair!

Let me guess what you’re thinking right now about the hair. It  kind of remind you of those rainbow hair russ troll dolls doesn’t it?

Yohji Yamamoto was heard saying backstage after his 2011 A/W show addressing the youth of today, “I felt, in this moment, we need flower power,” he said. “But at the same time, we need young people’s anger.”

I totally agree with him if he means that anger can be a much stronger and propulsive emotion than “flower power.” In the context of Yohji Yamamoto, anger is what may have fueled his accomplishments in creating beautiful and revolutionary fashion.

You can see the full Yohji Yamamoto 2011 A/W Collection and review written by Meenal Mistry on

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Thursday, February 10th, 2011


PLAY COMME des GARÇONS new t-shirts from Summer 2011 collection.  Available in red and black as well as a first release of a gold version. I dare you stare into the PLAY heart logo creature’s eyes.


Another COMME des GARÇONS team-up with Converse for  PLAY COMME des GARÇONS x Jack Purcell double name sneakers with the black PLAY heart logo. Watch carefully for these on the streets as they will be very limited and available near the end of this month, only at select stores including Athens’ Number 3.

Via Number 3

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Sunday, January 30th, 2011


Photo Source: Hypebeast
Photography: Junji Hata
Direction and Styling: Yoshiyuki Shimazu

Comme des Garcons Junya Watanabe MAN lookbook featured on recent issue of SENSE magazine in Japan. The collection features a sporty and nautical theme using light colors with an abundant use of horizontal border stripes. Junya has been quoted saying, that was what he felt like wearing this summer. Fair enough!

If you recall, we saw a similar dominance of the stripe motif being used in Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 2011 Women collection as well. The collection was overall much more feminine when compared to some previous spring collections by Junya and emphasized the lightness of the layering with light fabrics such as nylon and polyester. The Women’s collection runway show was really cool. White-masks-and-neon-wigs if I were to describe in a phrase.

Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons Women (RTW) Spring Summer 2011 Runway Show

Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons MAN Spring Summer 2011 Runway Show

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ニンカンプープキャパシティー S/S 2011「27」

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

nincompoop capacity spring summer 2011 graphics by made with japan

By Nincompoop Capacity / Graphics by Made with Japan

Hashio from Nicompoop Capacity just sent us some pictures from their spring/summer lineup. Nincompoop is a indie street fashion brand based in Tokyo. If you would like to know more about these guys, you can read an interview HERE.

“Our theme from Spring/Summer is “27.” The reasons it’s 27 is because I will be 27 this year.

Also, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Shannon Hoon, Jeff Buckley, and  Ozaki Yutaka all left this world at the same age of 27. I’m wondering if something will happen to me this year…. ” -Hashio

Nincompoop Capacityの春夏のテーマは『27』です。理由は単純に今年で27歳だから。


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Monday, January 17th, 2011


There’s been a lot of news surrounding COMME des GARÇONS and Rei Kawakubo, the brilliant mind behind the high-end fashion lines. So let’s take a look at what this hype is all about. Here we share some news about the new COMME des GARÇONS store in Beijing, rare photos of Rei Kawakubo, interview with COMME des GARÇONS mastermind designer Rei Kawakubo, interview with COMME des GARÇONS International’s President and Rei Kawakubo’s husband Adrian Joffe, (gasps for breath) news about a new store possibly opening in Tokyo, and recent updates on the Dover Street Market store in London.

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Monday, December 13th, 2010

原宿と高円寺にショップがあるストリートファッションブランドDOG in香港。
香港のWTC MoreショッピングモールでDOGのファッションショーとポップアップ・ストアを12/9公開。上のビデオはイベントとDOGを香港の人達へ紹介する為に作られたもの。えんじょい!


The WTC More shopping mall in Hong Kong hosted a fashion show and pop-up store exclusively featuring the eccentric fashion of Dog Harajuku this past Thursday. These videos promoting the event in Hong Kong introduces Dog and will give you a glimpse of what their store and fashion looks like. Video is mostly in Chinese, hosted by my friend Ivan Wang. But wait! There’s a commentary by American fashion designer Jeremy Scott in the middle. (In English ofcourse)

Dog is a Japanese street fashion brand that has lead the underground fashion scene in Tokyo throughout the decade and consistently remains a staple store to the kids who live by the sub-culture.  Their shop is hidden away in a basement on Harajuku Street selling a variety of vintage and reworked items. They also own another located called Secret Dog in the Kita-Kore building in Koenji. Dog owner Satake Kai and designer Takuma Fuji create the pieces themselves, often incorporating an industrial punk flair. Expect to see a lot of metal plates, studs, spikes, and other bling of the sorts. Sometime within the past few years, even Lady Gaga has fallen victim of the Dog fashion and visits the store to get her fix when she’s in Japan. We respect Gaga, but who in the underground cares what celebrities think, right? Made with Japan guarantees you their high level of street creds. Owner and designer of Nincompoop Capacity, another popular street fashion brand likewise with shops in Harajuku and Koenji, expressed respect for Dog by mentioning their continuing popularity with the young kids in their interview with us HERE.

Jingumae 3-23-3 B1, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03 3746 8110

Masashi Kawamura - Typeface Silhouette ‘T’ shirts
川村真司 - タイプフェイスをモティーフにした‘T’ shirts

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

‘T’ shirts by Masashi Kawamura and Itaru Yonenaga
Masashi Kawamura in collaboration with Itaru Yonenaga from Osaka-based fashion brand, No Control Air, creates ‘T’ shirts, a line of t-shirts literally designed to have the silhouette of 5 famous typefaces; Cooper, Helvetica, Courier, Caslon, and Baskerville. Masashi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979, was raised in San Francisco, and is a currently working in New York as a creative art director. He shares some of his thoughts about the project:

In the world of typography, terms such as typeface, character, body, etc are used to describe the form of a letter. The reason why they use expressions closely related to a human body, is perhaps because each different letter has a distinct quality and personality, in a similar way that us humans are all unique.

In the designing process of these shirts, I aimed to capture the character of each typeface and tried to give them a unique look and presence once worn. By collaborating with Itaru Yonenaga, I feel we were able to produce a collection of shirts that is not only conceptual, but wearable as real clothes. I hope you will find your favorite shirt/typeface. - Masahi Kawamura

What a beautiful way to bring typography and fashion together! Everybody has probably seen a typeface motif print t-shirt over the years, but Masashi Kawamura and Itaru Yonenaga did one heck of an amazing job taking typography off the two-dimensional plane and bringing it to life. We look forward to seeing these silhouettes receive worldwide recognition once they are available for sale from No Control Air in January 2011. All the ‘T’ Shirts for Women come in a one size medium and the guys can rock the Helvetica in a Men’s medium. For those who cannot wait until January and are twitching to put in the order, Masashi Kawamura kindly put up a price list and order form for download on his website.

Made with Japan currently works on our next t-shirt collection, and we hope to create new works as inspiring as Masashi’s ‘T’ shirts.

CONTINUE reading for close-up pictures of the entire collection
My personal favorite was Cooper. What’s yours?

Masashi Kawamura
Itaru Yonenaga / No Control Air

川村真司 x No Control Airのコラボ「T’ shirts」

川村真司(かわむら・まさし)と大阪ベースのファッションブランド「No Control Air」の米永至(よねなが・いたる)がコラボレーションしたTシャツコレクション。5つのフォントCooper, Helvetica, Courier, Caslon, Baskervilleからアルファベット”T”のフォルムをモティーフにしたシルエットはどれもかっこう良く仕上がった上着心地も良さそうです。川村真司の奇策な発想とコンセプトを実用的なファッションアイテムにした米永至も、この二人だったからこそできた作品だと感ます。なんて素晴らしいファッションとタイポグラフィーの合流!

2011年一月に「No Control Air」で発売されたらもっと注目されて欲しいアイテムです。レディースは全作Mサイズ。Helveticaだけは特別にメンズのMサイズも制作されてます。今直ぐ注文入れたい方は川村真司さんのウェブサイトでオーダー表がダウンロード可。

Made with Japanは次のプリントTシャツコレクションに向けて頑張っていますが、川村真司さんのようなインスピレーションが湧く作品を目指して行きたいです。

次のページ(”T” shirtコレクションの写真を見る)

米永至 / No Control Air



Friday, November 19th, 2010


While I was in Japan this fall, I met with Japanese designers and other cool people who have influence on youth-culture of Japan today. I interviewed these people with the goal to introduce their work while at the same time, to get a more personal view of them as individuals. I also asked them to share their thoughts on various topics about Japan. My heart was filled with appreciation as these people were kind enough to take time out of their super busy schedules to make it happen.

The first people I met was Hashio and Take from Nincompoop Capacity. Nincompoop Capacity is a underground U.K. punk influenced fashion brand from Tokyo, with their original store in Koenji and their newer second store in the backstreets of Harajuku. Nincompoop design and make the clothing for their brand themselves and sell a wide range of original, one-off remakes, and vintage clothing.

2010年の秋、日本でかっこいい事をしている人達、主にデザイナーやモデルさんをインタビューさせて頂きました。Made with Japanのインタビューの目的は世界に彼らの作品や仕事を紹介するだけでわなく、個人の考えやフィロソフィーの事を話すこと。その他、「日本」について様々なトピックを語ります。皆めちゃくちゃ忙しいスケジュールの中、インタビューさせて頂く時間を作ってくれました。一人一人に対しての感謝の気持ちと会えた喜びで胸がいっぱいになりました。本当にありがとう。

東京に着いた一週間目に会ってくれたのは高円寺と原宿でオリジナル作、リメーク作、古着をショップに並べている「Nincompoop Capacity」のオーナー兼デザイナー、はしおーさんとタケさんでした。Nincompoop CapacityはU.K.パンク乗りのストリートブランドです。




Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


Source: 00S/S

HISUI is a Japanese women’s wear brand created and designed by Hiroko Ito. She made her debut in 1999, immediately after creating the company 00S/S (zerozeroesuesu) with artist and art director Takeshi Matsuoka. Ito graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology New York and worked for Comme des Garcons (1994 to 1998) creating accessories prior to establishing HISUI.

Ito’s designs are a feminine mix of casual and elegant styles.  This and her signature layered look is prevalent in this 2011 S/S Collection titled, “Dwarves’ Prank - Clothing that enjoys changes brought by dwarves’ pranks.” The translation is a courageous attempt by me and is unofficial, but you can see what I am talking about if you watch the video at the end of the post.

Hisui’s 2011 S/S collection has uite a few unique items. First are the skirts and tank tops deliberately designed with an excessive amount of snap buttons on them so that when desire comes, what is attached (which is sometimes pretty much the entire garment) may be detached and unravelled. In addition to are shirts that come with a fairly large-sized dwarf doll on them, (yes, we’ll get to the dwarves in a second) which adds another touch of humor to this conceptual collection.

デザイナー伊藤 弘子のレディースブランド「HISUI」2011 S/S コレクションの名は「”コビトのいたずら”がもたらす変化を楽しむ服。」HISUIの先行受注会を行っているNuan Pressのウェブサイトによる今シーズンのコンセプトは、自分達の意思を超えて生まれる「変化」の中に感じる、ひとつの気配を”コビトのいたずら”と考え、そんな”コビト”がもたらす変化を楽しむラインアップを披露。


Source: 00S/S and Nuan Press


アバンギャルド自叙伝:「山本耀司- MY DEAR BOMB」

Thursday, November 11th, 2010


photo by Ludion

photo by Ludion

“Yohji Yamamoto - My Dear Bomb” will be the first ever published biography of the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. Based in Tokyo and Paris, Yohji Yamamoto is best known internationally for his avant-garde clothing lines and redefining fashion since his Paris runway debut in 1981. Together with colleagues such as Rei Kawakubo (Comme des Garçons) and Issey Miyake (ISSEY MIYAKE), there is no doubt that Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most influential designers of the twentieth century.

According to the press release from Ludion, “this will be an unique opportunity to discover his philosophy as a man as well as a fashion designer.” Yohji Yamamoto abandons the chronological format of most autobiographies and begins with a series of short fictions interwoven with his memories and inspirations, followed by a philosophical essay discussing the “Japanese elements in Yohji Yamamoto.” The book’s total of 200 pages will be filled with 100 of Yohji Yamamoto’s illustrations and hand drawings. After being mesmerized by all of this, the book closes with a timeline of his life including photos never seen before.

Published in English, Japanese, French, and Chinese. Available December 2010.

ハイファッションブランド「Yohji Yamamoto」「Y’s」を立ち上げ、Adidas (Y3)Hermèsなどとコラボもしてきたデザイナー、山本耀司。1981年のパリデビュー以来、世界のファッションに深い印象を与え続けてきたこの彼が、初自叙伝「山本耀司- MY DEAR BOMB」を2011年12月に発売予定。

ベルギーの出版社Ludionによると、「山本耀司- MY DEAR BOMB」のポイントはタイムライン形式の自叙伝だけでわないとこ。山本耀司さんの思い出やインスピレーションも込めてあるフィクションシリーズから始まり、「山本耀司にある日本のエレメント」と彼の哲学を語るエッセイに続く。その他、オリジナルな絵やイラストが100かかれている。最後に今までの人生と歴史のアウトライン、写真付きで閉まります。

山本耀司の独特なカリスマ性、アバンギャルドな精神、そして生きてきた道に興味ある方は CHECK IT OUT。

Written by Yohji Yamaoto & Ai Mitsuda
15 x 22cm
200 pages
100 illustrations
October 2010

ISBN 978-90-5544-979-8 EN
ISBN 978-90-5544-983-5 FR

Source: Ludion

Yohji Yamamoto’s Website